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Bonosree canal dying a slow and sure death

| Updated: October 21, 2017 06:32:29

Bonosree canal dying a slow and sure death
THE water in the canal at Bonosree area is very dirty and is polluting the environment. Many of the water bodies in the city are in similar condition and concerned authorities are often indifferent to it.  Bonosree being a very convenient location, thousands of people are living there and many more new structures are being constructed. Very little initiative is noticeable from either the government or the local leaders to address the problem.
 I am a resident of the area and every morning I see some people disposing of animal waste into the canal water and making it even dirtier. The water stinks and as the pedestrians pass by, they get a bad smell coming out of the water. This could turn into a health hazard for the residents of the locality. I hope the city corporation will look into it and the Bonosree welfare society will also take necessary steps immediately to clean the water. The situation in the neighbouring Hatirjheel water body is also similarly foul.  Pictorial reports carried by several newspapers are ample testimony to the situation existing there. We sincerely hope that the welfare society of Bonosree will come forward and take up the matter with the city corporation authorities and save the residents of the area from impending health hazards.
Bonosree, Dhaka

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