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Conscience makes us human  

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THE other day as usual I availed a ride on a car that illegally carried passengers on payment to go to office from Hatirjheel to Kawran Bazar. I was one of the four passengers and among us there was a young female. I felt lucky to get on it because it was raining heavily.

Everything had gone well until we got stuck at Moghbazar intersection. Heavy rain had made the roads waterlogged. We waited in the car there for half an hour but the congestion turned worse. Getting bored, two passengers got off near Moghbazar rail crossing. I was also getting worried as it was already 9.20AM. I too thought of getting off and finding some other way to reach office in time. But Rupa's tragedy only a few days ago instantly crossed my mind and I decided against getting off the car leaving the lady alone in the car.

Had Rupa not been left alone in the bus, the criminals could not kill her. I only got off the car after the female passenger left and later explained to my boss the reason of my being late in office.


Probir Chandra Das

Credit Risk Management-V

National Bank Ltd.,HO,Dkaka.

[email protected]


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