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Future of IT in Bangladesh

| Updated: October 24, 2017 06:01:47

Future of IT in Bangladesh

A very popular word in the digital business is IT (Information Technology). The area of IT sector is widening all across the world.
Firms enrolled with IT sector are not only achieving their own growth, but are also helping other sectors to develop much better B2B and B2C business. Among the Asian countries, India has progressed considerably in terms of IT development.

The Indians are moving a few steps ahead of Bangladesh. "Infoys", "Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)" are the top ranking IT institutions of India. These companies are comparable to the best companies of US and Europe.

Bangladesh also has some IT firms, but these are not as famous as those in India or any other society. But local IT firms like "Kaz software", "TigerIT", "ZamanIT" are quite popular, which are supplementing the government efforts to move forward towards greater success.
It is hoped that this sector will prove helpful for all the fresh graduates to extend their horizon and develop a creative youth force from among them and accelerate the pace of development in the country.

The growing sector with its expanding domain can also turn out to be a future storehouse for employment of graduates joining the labour market every year.

And thus it will add to the country's revenue earnings and also its total GDP.
Syed Anzamul Ahsan
East West University, Dhaka
[email protected]

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