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HC orders for compensation

| Updated: October 24, 2017 07:18:51

HC orders for compensation

I am very glad and welcome the rule by High Court asking the government to pay compensation of Tk 5.0 million to Abdul Jalil, who was wrongly imprisoned for 14 years. The government should pay compensation to the person and conduct an inquiry to identify the people responsible for keeping an innocent man in prison for so many years. Often we see innocent people like Abdul Jalil condemned to prison unjustly. I was shocked to read about another young man wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for a long time.
We must make sure that justice is done to everyone, no matter what is their financial condition.  Often we see people with money and power get away with serious crimes and innocent people wrongly convicted. People of this country fought hard and made supreme sacrifices for our independence only to establish the rights of the people and ensure justice for all. Indeed, the right of people can not be trampled and justice denied if we want to see a progressive, forward-looking and prosperous Bangladesh.

Rahmatullah Sumon
Middle Badda, Dhaka

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