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How military life is different from civil life?

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Soldiering is one of the oldest professions in the world. Almost from the beginning of human civilisation on earth, they have tried to build territorial supremacy and defend it.

The military is the means to do just that in the current modern world. It is an indicator of power all around the globe. Military personnel are taken to be different from your normal 9-5 jobs. So how is it actually different?

Beyond just a job

Firstly, a concept must be cleared out that it is not a job even though a soldier is paid on a monthly basis. It is a way of life that is disciplined and formulated very technically, all centring on the fact that they must be fit enough to protect their land.

The life of army personnel starts way before a person of his similar age group does a different job. They possess the capacity of doing anything anywhere according to the requirement.

Extreme training

We have heard stories of military training being tough. Now that is obvious because they need to be prepared for some extreme activities. The activities might vary from country to country.

Generally, physical training, weapon training and military tactics are the taught parts in military academies around the South Asian regions.

Chain of command

There is a strict margin in the relationship between seniors and juniors. Seniors rarely open up to juniors in their daily activities. This is mainly because in a war situation, maintaining the chain of command is important in order to take a massive decision. The subordinates remain prepared to act according to the command of their superiors swiftly.

The tough physical training is designed to make the military men strong and develop their endurance. The tough physical training enables them to make proper coordination of body and mind. They are taught to face any difficult situation without food, sleep or other sources of comfort.

Weapons and tactics

A military personnel must be well accustomed to weapons and how they work. In war situations, the difference between life and death might be how a soldier handles the weapon in the given situation.

In the military, efforts are made to prepare everyone in such a way that he/she can use any sort of weapon in any situation. There are specialised courses to help them realise the functionality of different weapons.

The knowledge of tactics is also important in military life. How to approach an enemy? How they might come and attack?

The commanders look to outsmart one another. There are many stories of how commanders won the battle despite being numerically outdone. That is why, military tactics are well instilled to the personnels.

Strong bonding

And then there is comradeship. It is the love and empathy a military man has for his mates and companions. It is installed in every man inside military.

The module is set in such a way that a person cannot go forward alone. They are interdependent on one another and this bond grows more and more as the days pass.

During hostile situations, a soldier does not leave an injured fellow soldier behind, an emotion that can never be explained in words. There might be friends and families in the civil world, but as they say, “the bond of sweat is stronger than the bond of blood.”

There are mixed opinions about military all around the world. Some say they are good and according to some, it’s the other way around.

Whatever your perspective might be, one thing is sure that the military men sacrifice their comforts and company of their loved ones for the sake of the nation. That alone should be enough to earn nationwide respect.

And no one can deny their role in maintaining the security of their motherland. Hence, a career in the military is so coveted and cherished.

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