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Ill-fated passers-by

| Updated: October 24, 2017 01:37:08

Ill-fated passers-by

The other day I went to East Rampura for some personal reason. When I was returning  home on foot through a narrow alley of east Rampura. I was accompanied by a junior brother and we were walking beside the road. Suddenly I saw a middle aged man who was walking in front of us may be 10 feet away something fell on his head having  big sound.

The man could not understand anything  and stood beside the road feeling uncomfortable and watching around who threw the object. I observed the incident from a short distance and approached him and asked him if he was okay because the object that fell from the building hit him hard.

The capped man listening my words put off his cap. Then what I saw was horrible and gruesome, blood was rolling down from his head profusely. Immediately,  I took him to a nearby pharmacy for first aid and to stop the flow of blood.

The pharmacy man tried his best to stop the blood flow but after some abortive attempt he could manage. The pharmacy man told me that his head was severely injured or got fractured and it might require some stitches.

The ill fated man phoned his relatives and went for better treatment.

The object that hit the middle aged man was a thread reel and the object fell from the building was a garment factory.

Maybe, some foolish and senseless people threw the object from the building without thinking of such a consequence. Such lack of consideration may cause fatal accident or loss of lives.

Mohammad Zonaed Emran

A Banker (e-mail: zonaed.emran@gmail.com)

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