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Import of cattle from India

| Updated: October 17, 2017 22:46:06

Import of cattle from India
BANGLADESH needs a large number of cattle like bull, ox and cow, especially on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. We do not have as many cattle as required. Our largest neighbour India has a huge population of cattle that delivers milk for the Indians. An easy formal trade of bulls and oxen between the two countries may be established which can help Bangladesh to meet its cattle requirement and at the same time give India an opportunity to dispose of its cattle which do not provide milk. 
Indeed an informal trade had been going on between the two countries for decades. Both countries are engaged in formal trading of hundreds of items since the independence of Bangladesh. It would be better if our government sends a formal proposal for import of cattle from India, especially from its seven sister provinces (states).
If formal and easy import of cattle from the seven-sister states of India is introduced, smuggling of cattle will stop. The Indians rear cattle to get milk. Ox and bulls are born in natural process. Rearing those ox and bulls entails a huge cost for them but with no return. They will be able to sell those oxen and bulls. On the other hand, Bangladesh will be able to meet its demand for cattle heads. Illegal smuggling across the border will stop and relations between the two neighbouring countries will be further strengthened. I would like to urge upon the government of Bangladesh to sign a protocol with India for formal import of cattle from India and fulfil our recurring demand for cattle heads.
Md Ashraf Hossain
120 Central Bashabo, Dhaka-1214

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