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Importance of spreading education

| Updated: October 18, 2017 05:42:53

Importance of spreading education
EDUCATION is the backbone of any nation. Nothing is possible to achieve without education in a society. That is why, 'education for all' is a popular slogan in most developing nations. Poverty can not be eradicated if illiteracy is not removed. Similarly, lack of education gives way to various kinds of corruption in a society. The light of education must be spread among people of all areas irrespective of religion, caste or creed. Extensive research has revealed that in our country there is a gap of 13 per cent in the literacy rates of male and female population. Compared to men, our women are lagging behind in education, the root cause being lack of interest of the parents to get their girls educated. Particularly the parents in rural areas feel that it is not important for the girls to get educated. We cannot expect to bring up an enlightened nation keeping half of the population in the dark. At the same time, we need to update and upgrade our education to match the demand of time. The government has been trying hard to bring qualitative changes in the education sector and lead the country on to the road to success in socio-economic development. But there is a nagging problem of copying and question paper leakage in our exams which are throwing us back on our track and discouraging the honest and dedicated students to acquire education. We must join our hands with the government to bring discipline in the education sector and help produce an educated generation for the future.
Sojol Chowdhury
Badda, Dhaka

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