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IT sector: Storehouse of immense potential

| Updated: October 24, 2017 12:05:27

IT sector: Storehouse of immense potential

THE internet has become an integral part of our life and is no more a luxury to roam around in a realm of imagination and dreams. It has become a necessity for today's world. But 100 million people of our country are still not in touch with the internet or are deprived of the facility although the number of users is increasing rapidly.  Most Bangladeshi people use the internet from their Smartphone and Facebook has been playing an important role to popularize the virtual world in our country.
Now people of the remotest areas know what internet and Facebook are. The price of the internet however is still high and the speed is also not satisfactory if we compare it with that in our neighbouring countries. The present government pledged that it would make Bangladesh a digital country and has already taken a number of effective steps to make our country a tech-savvy place. But there is a long way to go to make our country truly digital.
E-commerce is rapidly becoming popular and it will soon gain further momentum. I hope the government will prioritize the issue of improving the internet service and make it affordable for everyone so that they can use it effectively and benefit from it.  Bangladesh ranks 138th place out of 190 countries in terms of internet speed and service, so there is a lot to be done to improve it.  I hope the government will realize the true potential of information technology and work to improve it further.

Mohammed Fahim
Moghbazar, Dhaka

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