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A dream school for children

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I could not resist a big smile on my face when I read about the attitude of Sir Frank Peters towards school and discipline.
He said: "School should be a learning place… an environment that stimulates the mind… where friends gather daily for fun, laughter, games and learning. A place where a child feels totally secure and where a child wants to be."
I could not have asked for more. But it was his conclusion that triggered the big smile. He said: "Then the only discipline needed in the home is for children to be warned by their parents they will not be allowed to attend school the following day if they don't behave."
If only it were true. If only schools embraced some of Sir Frank's colourful thoughts, none of us would ever think of leaving school.
The reality is they do not. There is no excuse, however, for teachers beating children and if that element of school life alone could be successfully erased for good (sack all teachers responsible, if necessary) it would make an enormous difference to a child's happiness and the future of Bangladesh.
Much to our discomfort, not enough is being done in Bangladesh to eradicate corporal punishment from schools, homes and madrasas. We are failing in our responsibility towards our children and in so doing we are failing to do justice to ourselves.


Hamida Joy, Banani, Dhaka.

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