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Breast cancer spreading alarmingly

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Bangladesh Breast Cancer Conference was held for the second time at Dhaka, on December 01, 2017. The conference provided the cutting-edge insights into the areas of prevention, optimal diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. In our country every year about 15000 women are affected by this deadly disease and 7000 of them die. The risk of developing breast cancer increases with age although there are other genetic factors responsible for the disease. If breast cancer is detected early there are good chances of recovery as in developing countries breast cancer patients mostly die due to late detection of the disease.

Lack of awareness is the main cause for late detection. Therefore cancer awareness campaign should be carried out round the year so that people at the grass root level become increasingly aware of the symptoms and mode of treatment. Additionally, treatment facilities for breast cancer should be taken to the countryside so that more and more women can be taken care of.

Women of the country should also be honest and frank about sharing with their near and dear ones any problem relating to breasts so that they are advised early and the process of treatment can be started earlier.

Rumana Sharmeen

Dhaka University

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