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Using Facebook judiciously

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AS elsewhere in the world Facebook has become very popular in our society as well and almost everyone in urban areas is found busy browsing Facebook and posting pictures, video, comments, status, etc. Use of Facebook has been so widespread that from footpath traders to top notches of the society people are found using it and even children are seen to be Facebook users. They neglect their studies, play, sleep and remain glued to their Smartphones or computers to know about "latest developments" of the country and across the world. In this way they waste their valuable time.   It is a common knowledge that any technology or innovation should be used to our advantage and benefit and Facebook is no exception. Addiction or inappropriate devotion to Facebook is a sign of decay and should be addressed quickly. Using Facebook for inordinately longer periods makes us unaware and unconscious about what is happening around us. Facebook is a good tool to stay connected with people and read about interesting and current affairs but it damages us when we exceed tolerable limits. Through Facebook, many children and women face cyber bullying and fall preys to notorious crimes. It has been estimated that 38 million Bangladeshis have been using Facebook and the figure is staggering. Merits of Facebook are many, but whatever we do, we must use it judiciously and not become Facebook addicts. 

Imran Aziz

Niketon, Dhaka

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