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Motor cycle without registration must not ply on road  

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The number of motor cycles without number plates is increasing in our city and it is dangerous as it may be used for criminal activities. Often we see the law enforcers using motorcycle without registration plate. If the law enforcers break the rule, how can we expect the common people to obey the laws.


Due to unavailability of suitable public transport and notorious traffic jam of Dhaka, many commuters are encouraged to buy motor cycles as it saves time, money and gives a relative hassle-free and comfortable journey. Most of the footpaths of our city are occupied by hawkers leaving very little space for pedestrians to walk safely. Some riders on motor cycles use footpaths. The number of motorbikes will increase in the coming days as we see even the women are using it for their convenience and it is a fresh change. If we can implement some discipline in the road of Dhaka, we can expect our life to be smooth, comfortable and in order.

 Mohammed Fardeen

Badda Dhaka



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