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Mugging on the rise

| Updated: October 18, 2017 06:31:20

Mugging on the rise
INCIDENTS of mugging have been on the rise recently in the capital. Many victims do not lodge complaints with the police, as they apprehend further harassment without any benefits. Mugging among other things create panic in the minds of the citizens and tampers with the overall law and order situation. There are a few gangs operating in the capital and they appear to be quite powerful as very few of them are caught, let alone sent to court.
Some muggers use dangerous drugs to make their victims unconscious and loot them. The law enforcers must bring all these culprits to book, otherwise such incidents will go on rising in future. At the same time the police force must be modernised and equipped with modern arms, as the criminals are found using better weapons to outsmart the police force. The citizens should lodge complains with the law enforcers and inform them about the mugging incidents taking place. Let us increase our collective vigil so that we can identify and eliminate muggers with the help of the law enforcing agencies and make society a better place to live in.
Tanveer Islam (Pavel)
Sutrapur, Dhaka

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