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Myanmar massacre  

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PEOPLE of Bangladesh are now passing through a tormenting time in their history as they witness humanity wriggling under the feet of a cruel and murderous regime of Myanmar. Often we talk about violation of human rights, but in Myanmar today human rights are not only being trampled, but lives of millions of people are also at stake. History has rarely witnessed such cruelty and brutality.



Why international organisations are not taking a strong initiative to dissuade the Myanmar regime from the path of systematic killing of Rohingyas and grant them their overdue rights, still remains a mystery. Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi's relative inexperience in governing is no excuse for failing to act swiftly to end the conflict boiling over in western Rakhine state. The long political struggle she endured before coming to power should have taught her better that any military response to a political dispute only aggravates the situation. The minority Muslims there has been drifting from shore to shore in search of a home.



Pope Francis has also been a strong critic of Myanmar's harsh treatment of the Rohingyas and the purported transition to democracy a little less than two years ago has done very little to help reduce their sufferings.

Mozaharul Islam

Principal Officer

Rupali Bank Ltd., Dhaka

[email protected]

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