Of lies, fabrications and utter dishonesty

Syed Mahbubur Rashid | Published: March 24, 2017 21:06:52 | Updated: October 24, 2017 16:38:25

A book titled 'Creation of Bangladesh: Myths Exploded' was published from Islamabad in 2016, authored by Junaid Ahmed. Few copies of the book were sent to Bangladesh High Commission in Islamabad with a forwarding letter by the ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) of Pakistan army. Later on, it was known that copies of the book were also sent to all the foreign missions in Pakistan. At first, I could not realise why the ISI would be so keen about the book if it was a research book by an individual because in that case the book was supposed to contain facts and documents with a neutral outlook.  But later, it was not at all difficult to discern with even a casual look into the book that it is nothing but the handiwork of ISI.
Our liberation war is now a historical truth and part of global history. The Encyclopedia Britannica, among many other anthologies, includes the brief history of our great war of liberation mentioning at least one million casualties. We fought for the recognition of our mother language and the brave boys sacrificed their lives on February 21, 1952. That day is now observed as the international mother language day throughout the world. To the Pakistani rulers, all our achievements are nothing but the outcome of Indian machination.
The book contains 9 chapters and 16 annexures apart from glossary and bibliography. India and Pakistan are born enemies and their canons have been targeted at each other. Naturally, blame game will be a major weapon in their relations, and unfortunately, they are to live with this situation. But that can never be a plea for Pakistan to subjugate the Bengalis. Can any sane person accept the idea that the mother tongue of 56 per cent population of a country is to be snuffed? The Pakistani rulers tried and we resisted. All the martyrs of the language movement are Bengali Muslims. Bangabandhu declared six points programme-the Magna carta for the autonomy of the Bengalis. The Bengalis supported in a body. During the election of 1970, Awami League (AL) made the six points programme an election issue to be treated as a mandate. People of East Pakistan voted massively in favour of AL and the party bagged 167 national assembly seats out of 169 earmarked for East Pakistan. The election was held under the martial law, and it was mentioned that the election was free and fair.
Later on, Pakistani army rulers tried to play tricks and postponed the holding of national assembly session for an indefinite period. These resulted in great protests in East Pakistan. The Pak army started brutal killings in East Pakistan on the night of 25 March 1971 and the liberation war started. In this connection, a very relevant comment may be quoted from the book of Maj. Gen. Khadim Hussoin Raja, titled 'A stranger in my own country', where he wrote, "We exploited East Pakistan and when the people rose demanding their right of self determination, the Pakistan Military, then in power, retaliated with genocide."
Throughout the book, there are widespread character assassinations of the freedom fighters, then elected MNAs and MPAs and other leaders of the liberation war. Freedom fighters have been dubbed as terrorists and Indian agents. In narrating this allegation the author has exclusively used the reports and allegations and charges of the then Pak rulers. The author has been honest enough to attach these reports as annexures 11, 12 and 13. It should he kept in mind that these were prepared by the opponent party when the valiant freedom fighters of Bangladesh were fighting. So, these cannot have any credibility whatsoever. In the book, the author has put the entire blame of starting the war on India, ostensibly, as desired by ISI. Needless to mention, any book written for self-justification and not for introspection is not worth reading.   
The present government has taken are epoch-making decision of observing March 25 as genocide day. Our Parliament has unanimously taken the resolution and appealed to the world for recognising the genocide perpetrated by Pakistan. This decision will act as a blatant response to the ugly Pakistani propaganda.


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