A mother triumphs against overwhelming odds

Neil Ray | Published: November 25, 2018 22:06:12 | Updated: November 26, 2018 21:06:25

Photo: BBC

Mothers are a special breed, even in the animal world. Except the sea horse, the male of which nurture the offspring in their pouch and a bird, the female of which leave their consorts to hatch eggs never bothering about what happens to those, mothers are emotionally attached to their newborns. For humans, there is no one so close as mother -rare exceptions notwithstanding.

Yet some mothers are more motherly than others. One such mother Seema Sarker from Netrakona has distinguished herself with the dedication and resolve she has had at her disposal in order to bring up and educate her handicapped son Hridoy. Now selected for admission to the University of Dhaka (DU), Hridoy could not have come this far without his brave mother's help. From his school days till the boy's admission test at the DU, his mother has carried the boy on her lap to classes and examination halls. Thank God, the boy also did not disappoint her. He is all set to become a student of the DU.

One only hopes that it is only the beginning of the reward she will be garnering. Already Seema Sarker has been recognised as one of the BBC's 100 influential and inspirational women. She is the second such woman from Bangladesh to be recognised so after Rubana Haq, an entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist, who earned the distinction in 2013. Here is a woman who not only convinced herself that her son - albeit physically constrained - can live a better life but also instilled in the boy the spirit to overcome his limitation. Even she carried him to sports field so that he could take part as wicket-keeper in children's cricket match and goal keeper in games of football.

Clearly, the mother pushed the boy to the limit of his physical and mental power. Now he is reaping the benefit of his mother's struggle. Had his mother given up when she first discovered that her son was born with special needs, the boy stood no chance of dreaming what he now dreams of - to study the subject of international relations and become a diplomat.

The answer to whether Hridoy will be able to fulfil his dream or not depends on a set of conditions but most likely he will complete his graduation and master degree from the DU. Even this will not be a small achievement. If he can realise his last dream, it will be an icing on the cake. One hopes the best for the aspiring boy.

Her mother has already become a representative of mothers everywhere. She is indeed a subject of a novel or a feature film. Her story should be taken to women who are struggling with their children in one way or the other. The message is that given the will power, any mother can push her children to cross over to the boundary line. It is not for nothing that the most deciding role of mothers has been extolled in building a nation. Mothers need to be educated themselves and then can exert a most beneficial influence on their children's journey to life.

The closest and purest bond between mother and child alone can work wonder. Maxim Gorky's Mother, Anisul Huq's Ma are examples of the special relationship that has made the world a little better than it could have otherwise. In a Soviet Russian film, Ballad of a Soldier the son's arrival and departure scenes are so beautifully captured that those remain eternally etched in the heart of hearts. The best tribute to Seema Sarker would be if one such classic film is based on her struggle and dedicated to mothers around the world.

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