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Celebrating national days respectfully

| Updated: December 26, 2020 22:51:16

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Celebrating national days respectfully

This year the nation celebrated the 50th Victory Day. It is best day ever to happen to any nation. On the day 49 years back, the freedom fighters with help from the Indian army liberated the country from the Pakistani occupation forces after a nine-month-long bloody war. Due to the spread of Covid-19, many national and formal events did not take place this year. Nevertheless, people celebrated the day in different ways across the country. The sad part of the celebration is that the private and social events ignored the Victory Day's spirit in many places.

A large number of the citizens forgot to hoist the national flag. In many rooftops in Dhaka and other parts of the country, there was no green-red flag. It appears that the independent nation doesn't feel the urge to hoist the beloved national flag to mark the Victory Day. Over the years, there is a growing trend of not hosting the national flag on the Victory Day or the Independence Day. Though this is not legally binding, it is a long tradition to hoist the national flag by all as a symbol of solidarity. Gone are the days, when the children and juniors joined parents and seniors in almost every house to hoist the national flag in the early morning. In many homes, enthusiastic children used colour paper to wrap the flag-stand. Neighbourhood children also competed with each other to hoist the national flag as early as possible. There was much enthusiasm on this occasion.

In celebrating the Victory Day, many limited social gatherings turned ugly as the participants enjoyed their time with high-decibel Hindi song and music. As playing Hindi music on any occasion becomes a trend among many people in the country, they now forget to differentiate the national days and other days. Even in a few places, the national day celebration turned into a party of music and drink. In most cases, ignorant local leaders and cadres of the political party in power initiated or backed this ugly and distorted celebration. 

Public display of a distorted national flag by some teachers at Begum Rokeya University (BRU) in Rangpur on December 16 this year was a shocking and shameful event. Undoubtedly, the teachers have committed sedition by distorting the national flag by placing a red square instead of a red circle. They also posted a photo on social media. This incident indicates the level of decline in the country's higher educational institution. 

The national days have their uniqueness, and it requires a respectable attitude to mark or celebrate those days. The celebration must not overshadow the spirit and essence of any national day. After 50 years of independence, Bangladesh citizens now need to show maturity in any such celebration. Events need to be observed with care. Be it a family, social or public gathering for celebration, maintenance of decency and discipline is necessary to uphold the national day's spirit.

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