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School hacks to be maintained while resuming classes physically

| Updated: October 18, 2021 21:04:24

Back to school hacks

Nervous about getting back to physical classes? Believe us, it’s completely normal. We are so accustomed to a virtually simulated atmosphere that going back seems like a horror to many.

However, a lot of students are excited for offline classes. This is because doing classes from home seems tiresome and draining. There are other negative instances like connectivity issues, load-shedding, study pace etc. that also create issues. Getting out of the new normal is indeed challenging and rewarding at the same time. You get to embrace your friends in-person, you get to listen to lectures firsthand and get your answers without ISP’s interrupting the conversation and so much more. As enticing as these may sound, it is somewhat pressurising to keep your mask on and do classes like nothing has happened. Our memories are alive but our habits did catch rust. They have purposely and forcefully changed due to the course of time. Hence, this article has been dedicated to help you get a hold of a few tips and tricks on how to cope up with this massive difference in our daily lives. These hacks will help you make school life more bearable and the return to a regular academic lifestyle easier. They are as follows:

  1. Wear a comfortably equipped mask: The mask you will wear will be your accessory for hours. With the pandemic not being eliminated permanently, the chances of you taking off your mask in presence of others are quite impossible. Therefore, use a mask made out of cotton or nylon. They are easy to wear and breathable. Other than that, have a string that hangs on to your neck when you take your mask off. It comes in handy when you want to eat something or take it off for some other valid reason. 
  1. Carry a sanitiser spray: There are various types of sanitisers in the market but the one you should opt-out for is the sanitiser that comes in the spray format. The reason behind it is that it won’t have a wet effect on your hand once you apply it. It’s simpler to use and can be utilised multiple times. When you are in a commonplace with hundreds of people touching the same object such as a book or even a staircase, you have to stay super careful and that’s why you need to sanitise time after time. A sanitiser spray will help you with that.
  2. Fix your sleep cycle: How could we not include this as a hack? The only way you can cope up with the strenuous act of physical classes is through a proper sleep cycle. In this pandemic, we all ended up having a pretty messed up sleep schedule and there was no work-life or study-life balance. It is time to change that. Waking up as early as 6 or 7 am is initially going to be tough but you have to give yourself that time. It will help you stay physically fit and will help you concentrate in class. It is also important for your immune system. Therefore, 8 hours of sleep in the nighttime is something you should adapt to as quickly as possible.
  3. Practice Socialising in person: A lot of us had the privilege and the need of going out of the house to meet people but at the same time, there are people who did not do so. Social anxiety has been a common phenomenon in this pandemic. Meeting so many people in person became overwhelming for even an extrovert. For an introvert, it can even be a nightmare. So preparing ourselves for socialising in person is very crucial. How does one do it? Opting out for patience. Try meditating and talking to one person at a time. Give yourself space to feel bogged up and let go one at a time. It’s okay to feel odd at first. We are humans after all.  

In conclusion, we believe that getting back to schools will have a bittersweet essence of its own. You are going back to a place where ambitions are free to flutter and education is the greatest liberty of all. Enjoy every bit of it. We hope and believe that you will make the most out of it as this will be the new normal and as a generation, you are more than capable of adapting to it.

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