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Too many ideas but of little help  

| Updated: January 14, 2021 22:56:18

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Too many ideas but of little help   

It now looks longer than initially thought. After a year of losses and fears, life is far from being free from the pandemic. Many people may have been sick of the talks of an end to the suffocating situation created out of different dimensions and economic and other fallout of the coronavirus outbreak.

It's depressing, no doubt, to pass days and months without much of a breakthrough, except the one in development of vaccines, which are not as yet available to countries like Bangladesh.

There are other issues and problems, which could have been solved, banking on the technological underpinnings that nations collectively have in an inter-connected world.

Of course, cunning people did it, even in poorer countries, by making some solutions, capturing some business opportunities and serving as agents of innovators elsewhere.

The ones who wanted to challenge the dominant players here and there just struggled. So, for those who love to pursue their dreams, their death instead oftentimes has been a matter of frustration.

There is, apparently, a plethora of ideas that thinking people cannot implement throughout their lives. But the pandemic proves stagnation for most proven practices or effectively the fall of old methods that were useful in the previous 100 years and more.

If we ask people to generate a dozen business ideas, hardly anyone can come up with recommendations that are free from burden of jargons like public and private sectors, PPP, and also the modern concept of startups. A common suggestion may be emphasised in the form of FinTech as a panacea.

It's only human that people tend to embrace proven projects and replication of established models, although they love to talk about entrepreneurship and innovation. They also prefer conventional solutions to exceptional problems and, that too, during an unprecedented crisis.

The pandemic alone is not to blame.

The war of misinformation often kills off better ideas, through invasion of Trumpian lies or organized propaganda by the modern-day disciples of Goebbels. Good ideas are driven out by bad ones, which then may not have been aptly challenged by suitable ones.

Such an information regime is silencing the vibrant minds and hearts that search for new formula to resolve crises and remove social ills. Such a system only caters to the wishes and whims of the predators who try to make citizens mannequins.

However, living beings cannot be and are not happy with a sterile situation devoid of lively activities and novel thoughts.

People around the world today are compelled to look for new ideas to rebuild life, to pursue a society of happiness and explore a world of justice.

Not many are ready to recognise the demise of some clever methods that appeared smart in the recent past. Nor are there abundant ideas that can bring solutions for the upcoming generations.

Blessed with at least 80 million youthful minds, Bangladesh is part of a world that is waiting for a new dawn. Therefore, now is the time to float some ideas and discuss those loudly to find solutions that people need.

Even if there is no vaccine, the current crisis would come to an end, perhaps at a high cost. If the vaccines are used to remedy the situation, the people would still remain tired of the effects of the pandemic.

A post-pandemic nation may look like a post-war populace.Thus, only a few are likely to show their determination and take leadership role to serve others. That may prove to be a historic scope for those who are willing to come out of the shell of the old culture.

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