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Will wall paint substitute AC?

Purdue university researcher, Xiulin Ruan  Purdue university researcher, Xiulin Ruan 

A team of researchers at Purdue University has created the world’s ‘whitest paint’ that is designed to reduce or even eliminate the need for air conditioning. The paint can reflect 98.1 per cent sunlight compared to normal white paint available at the market which reflects about 80-90 per cent sunlight.

In the research paper, researchers showed that using their formulation to cover a roof area of about 1,000 square feet could result in a cooling power of 10 kilowatts.

According to the university, the researchers made the paint ultra-white by using a high concentration of a chemical compound called barium sulfate, as well as using different particle sizes of the compound.

The product already earned the Guinness World Records title -- whitest paint. Applying for its patent, the researchers are hoping to scale up the paint to put it on the market through a partnership with a company.

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