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Pollution of rivers and its effects

Pollution of rivers and its effects

THE other day I came across a news item on pollution of rivers in China despite the government's spending a whopping US$850 million over the last five years to reverse the damage caused by decades of random pollution and overuse. It was all intended for China's rapid economic growth. Unfortunately, efforts for economic growth resulted in environmental pollution including pollution of rivers. It is indeed quite difficult to repair the damage and pre-emptive measures are the best choice in this regard. We must be aware of the damages done by industrial activities and take precautionary steps to recycle and reuse the waste thereof to keep pollution to a minimum so that we do not have to suffer in the long run.

Most of our rivers are victims of indiscriminate abuse. Even a cursory glance at Buriganaga river will confirm the extent of damages caused to it. In my childhood days, I remember the Buriganga River was clean and sparkling. The once vibrant river has now become a pale shadow of its old self and unless urgent steps are taken by the authorities concerned, the Buriganga which is now a reeking narrow canal will eventually disappear from the country's map. What was once the heart of our city is now dyeing a slow and painful death. Certainly, we are not doing enough to resuscitate the ailing river and rescue it from its present pathetic condition. We must bear in mind that nature's revenge is cruel and unforgiving.



Mohammad Sohel Hara

Bonosree, Dhaka

[email protected]

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