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Railway services for Barisal

| Updated: October 23, 2017 22:53:15

Railway services for Barisal

The Prime Minister has recently directed the Railway Minister to resume operation of railway services in Barisal district since Barisal has been the lone district with no railway communications since British rule.

As a madrasa student during the years 1940-43, I remember clearly that many of my class friends used to tease students coming from Barisal as there was no railway in Barisal.

Unfortunately railway services were also discontinued in Bagerhat two decades ago. Railway services between Rupsha-Bagerhat were commissioned in 1918 as narrow gauge line and later converted into broad gauge during Pakistan time.


During the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi several million dollar credit line was confirmed, a portion of which is likely to be used for development of railways including installation of new railway lines for tourism and infrastructure development.

The Rupsha-Bagerhat services may be restored considering the fact that two UNESCO sites like the Sundarbans and Khan Jahan Ali mosque are located in Bagerhat.

Mahmud Ali
New Eskaton Road

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