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Rain is synonym for sufferings

| Updated: October 24, 2017 13:09:11

Rain is synonym for sufferings

RAIN is a blessing for us particularly during the summer months. But in view of the sufferings of the commuters, at times we are made to feel that rain is not welcome even in the blistering summer heat. The reason is not far to seek.

Most of our city roads are inundated as the drainage system is mostly inoperative. Sewerages are blocked thanks to our indiscriminate disposal of polythene bags.

Many roads of the city have big potholes which are filled by rain water to become death traps for people and traffic. Pedestrians have no choice but to walk along the rain filled roads and fall prey to their potholes.

The commuters do not find suitable transport and suffer. Women, children and elderly people are the worst sufferers.

Many areas of the city, like Motijheel, Shantinagar, Malibagh, Jigatola, Bijoy Soroni go under water when it rains and cause additional problems for traffic movement.

The city mayors should act promptly on these issues and alleviate the sufferings of the city dwellers.

Mohammed Fahim
Moghbazar, Dhaka

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