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Rain, poor roads and mute sufferings  

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HEAVY rain this year has taken its toll on the roads of our capital as most of them go under water with a little bit of rain. Commuters are harassed and road transport system reaches a near-breakdown point.  Main roads, lanes and by-lanes of the city are submerged by half an hour of rain and make them unsuitable for communication. People, comprising mainly of office-goers, students and elderly citizens suffer immensely. Many of them finding no suitable transport have to wade through filthy water to reach their destination. Often it appears as though Dhaka is like an orphan city with nobody to look after its welfare. Whenever it rains, we face a similar situation, and it is getting from bad to worse every day. A major portion of the city experienced floods recently whenever there was moderate rain and communication became an arduous exercise. I live in Rampura Bonosree area and communication system in the area is already in a shambles due to broken and dilapidated roads. Rains only make matters worse. The Met Office forecast light to moderate rain for the next few days which poses a fresh threat to the residents of the locality. People of the area are at their wit's end to think about what lies ahead of them if it rains further. However, I only hope that we have a better time ahead as roads will be repaired soon and we shall be able to commute with ease and comfort.


Bonosree, Dhaka


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