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Relocating administration and ministries

| Updated: October 22, 2017 13:33:02

Relocating administration and ministries

It is well-nigh impossible to go to any place in Dhaka without delay. The problem of tailbacks started mounting long after the independence. Bangladesh has become a unitary state with Dhaka being its capital city. This city is a tiny place to live in nicely and comfortably if the huge population and space for all the administrative wings, ministries and garrisons it has been hosting is taken into account. Due to the population influx and its impacts on the city's infrastructure, it has become vulnerable for living. For a sound living of the Dhaka dwellers and allocation of proper government services, responsibilities and financial resources for public, it's high time the government took necessary steps to decentralise the administration and considered relocation of some of its offices outside Dhaka. 
Initially, some problems may arise. Since the transportation system is not of high standard, the pace of administrative work may get deteriorated. If the government wants, within four to five years the public transport can be changed for the better. 
Placed second among the unliveable cities around the world, Dhaka has not enough space for recreation of people. The inhabitants in their spare times have nowhere to move for fresh air in the afternoon. There are not enough roads proportionate to the people and automobile. 
The prime locations covering half of its liveable place is under different government establishments, ministries, and military. Some ministries except the finance and state can be relocated. The BGB headquarters can be considered for relocation to another place on the city's outskirts. Thus the city can have some more space which may be useful for addressing some of the problems it is facing now.
Dhaka is already an urban jungle. The recent initiatives taken by the mayors of both sides to beautify Dhaka are appreciable. But the think-tanks would better come up with effective ideas to make Dhaka a liveable city again. Relocation of some of the government departments should be put on the priority list. 
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