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Reviving radio entertainment

| Updated: October 18, 2017 00:40:05

Reviving radio entertainment
AS the visual media has spread its spell over the peoples and countries around the world, I never thought that radio will come back again to entertain us as it did about half a century ago. It has come back again and is attracting millions of listeners with lively programmes.
Now we see that a large number of people, especially the young people are listening to radio programmes broadcast over numerous FM bands. The programmes are not only entertaining, they are educative and informative as well. In an age of Smartphone and laptops, radio has bounced back and thrown a challenge to television. Who would have thought that the urban people will ever tune to radio and listen to programmes broadcast by radio stations. Nowadays Smartphones have radio options and so it has become easier for the common people to listen to radio programmes. There are, however, complaints that some of the radio jockeys pronounce Bangla with distorted accents and are corrupting language. It is a debatable issue that should be addressed separately and the importance of radio is not undermined by the performance of a few jockeys.
 Many of us enjoy music and news in those channels particularly when they are stuck in traffic. I personally find FM band radios very entertaining and would like to offer sincere thanks to people who are working for these radio stations. They are doing a commendable job.
Mohakhali, Dhaka

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