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Selling medicines without doctors' prescriptions

Selling medicines without doctors' prescriptions

LIFE of people in disease can only be saved if proper treatment is prescribed by registered doctors. A patient or some one else on his or her behalf buys medicines from pharmacies according to doctor's prescriptions. But there are medicine shops who sell medicines on demand from the customers and without any doctor's prescription. They somehow manage to forget that they have no right to do so since a medicine sold by them in this way can prove fatal for a patient and he or she may run into further trouble or may even die on taking the medicine sold in this way. This is a familiar scenario in rural areas. In rural areas, doctors and hospitals are not easily available and that is why patients suffering from various physical problems usually go to pharmacies and buy medicines as per advice from the attendant at the shop which could be dangerous. As such there should be a strict order from the concerned authorities that no pharmacy or a medicine shop is entitled to sell a medicine without doctor's prescription.

Sumon  Kumar Paul

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Patuakhali Science & Technology University

[email protected]

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