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Shocking death of a student

| Updated: October 24, 2017 09:26:24

Shocking death of a student

The latest in a series of mysterious killings was Nazimuddin, a student of Law in Jagannath Univesity. Nazim died at the hands of miscreants in old Dhaka, which is otherwise a crowded place.

It is reported that he was killed because of his secular views expressed in his Facebook account. Murder on this account is simply unacceptable, because everyone has a right to express his opinion whether others like it or not.

The death has caused widespread anger in society alongside creating panic and a sense of insecurity among the people.  

Only a few days ago we witnessed the murder of Tonu, a young university student at Comilla. Her dead body was found in forests.

The murder is under investigation by the law enforcing agencies, but neither the killers nor the motive behind the murder could be found as yet. We also saw some  villagers getting killed in Bashkhali, Chittagong.

In this way shocking incidents of murders are taking place one after another and, I am afraid, a time will come when we shall stop being sensitive to death news any more. We shall forget to react at incidents of death and murder.

From Sagar-Runi murder to Avijit to Tonu murder, we are pained to see no progress in investigation and the killers are yet to be identified. When a crime is not punished by law, it encourages other criminals to commit similar crimes.   

It is high time the government came down hard on the criminals and restore safety and security in the society and establish rule of law.

Masud Rana


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