Terrorism and our youth

| Updated: October 17, 2017 23:52:47

Terrorism and our youth
A section of the young people has become aberrant in the name of religion and what they are doing is certainly not righteous. The message of peace of Islam is being presented to them with a distorted interpretation. This is a global phenomenon that has reached an alarming level.
It is now time to look into how our children are getting influenced to do such wrongful and inhuman acts. Merely killing these terrorists will not be enough as a counterterrorism drive, because it will only kill some human beings but not their ideals. The right thing to do at this moment is to work on their idealism. 
We can see that these terrorists are from different socioeconomic backgrounds. So suspecting a particular group of people will not work. It is wrong if the government and our law enforcers are focused on madrasas only. They need to think out of the box now and act more intellectually.
Recently we came to know that a large number of arrested terrorists have been bailed out and the law enforcers and prosecutors could not stop the bails. They must, however, make it sure that the accused are punished. So The law enforcers should be more active in this regard.
Faria Hossain

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