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To plan or not to plan

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Life gives chances, takes away chances, gives heartaches and what not? Life has it all. However, when we want to decide on something or move forward, we plan. A plan is required to make a call for action. Had a plan been so easy!

Probably, data science and statistics could also figure out how effective plans impact one's life. Well, neuroscience says when we are trying to make an effort to do something, our brain subconsciously prepares for the task beforehand. Our brain prepares for a contingency plan.

Sadia Hoque, an entrepreneur from Dhaka and also a BBA graduate from the University of Liberal Arts, shared her opinion on how her life changed after sticking to the old plan that worked for her, and she was confident from the start.

She uses the metaphor of a bugless code. The plans we make cannot fail or disappoint us if there are no bugs like codes have. A bugless code could run anywhere at any time, and one person needs to make it optimal to run at any compiler given any situation.

According to Sadia, life has strict measures as always there is a shortage of time as we grow. She has a habit of writing down everything she plans to do the next day. She follows them relentlessly until she has completed all of the listed errands. The results make her happy. Having a plan sings along with everything she intends to do.

Tulona Noman, a student of English literature at East West University, nonchalantly cut off the seriousness of doing a plan and shared how she sees planning in her life. She believes no one can give her the life she wants. Thus, she wants to be a planner by herself to get to what she wants and in the best way possible.

Therefore, someone is ready to plan and do something whenever there is a need. Even a fresh new pair of jeans would require good planning.

All it needs is some great architecture of steps. You can find a sale, a great brand offering their jeans, and go. It does not always have to be I-am-going-to-London-for-Post graduation type of plan. If you are too late to get on the plane, all of your efforts will be in vain.

So, there needs to be a wake-up-on-time plan. Nevertheless, scheduling and planning would keep things safer.

Do you still think you need someone else to plan for you?

The writer is a student of the CSE department, EWU.

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