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Turkey showed the power of democracy

| Updated: October 22, 2017 20:31:32

Turkey showed the power of democracy
THE power of democracy and people has come to the fore once again in Turkey. The attempt by a section of the Turkish Army to overthrow the government was foiled by people who came out on the streets to defend the democratically elected government of the country. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the people to come out in the streets in protest against the evil design of a group of army officers and protect democracy. People did so and came out in hundreds of thousands and occupied the streets of Turkey. The perpetrators of the military coup watched the sea of people marching on to the streets like swarming bees and found no other way but to surrender themselves.
The world saw again the might of people power and the power of democracy. The government of a country is strong as long as it is in touch with the common people. Turkish President established it beyond doubt that he is hugely popular and when he called upon his compatriots with a video message, people poured down on the streets and declared their solidarity with the President.
The incident clearly demonstrated that people's power is supreme and they are the master of their own fate. Only democracy can fight evils and establish good governance.  Lack of democracy only encourages corruption and injustice to spread roots. The Turkish people proved once again that no evil force can prevail if people of a society are determined to protect their rights.
Imran Aziz
Niketon, Dhaka

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