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Two English novels of Shahazada Basunia

Two novels-A War Widow and An Expatriate, authored by Shahazada Basunia, a writer and banker are now available in the ongoing Ekushey Book Fair, arranged by Bangla Academy

Two English novels of Shahazada Basunia

Both the books are published by Banglaprakash.

A War Widow is a social novel epitomizing the untold sufferings of a war widow who had to endure a lot of agony throughout her life. She lost her husband who had sacrificed his life during liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. She feels proud to say that she is a war widow. She thinks the war widows are the greatest mothers, the sisters and the wives in the society. All war widows are venerated by the people of an independent country because of their supreme sacrifices. By showing herself as a war widow, she is used to fight against all misdeeds throughout her life. She lost her husband for the sake of the country's independence.  She always encouraged the locals to follow the eternal ethos of right, justice and equality. A War Widowis a novel of far-sighted vision of Liberation War to recognize all war widows of Bangladesh.

An Expatriate is another social novel illustrating an expatriate's life in Qatar. Shams Taher, the central figure of the novel left the country and joined an educational institute in Qatar as a lecturer in English. He thought teachers in his native country faces financial constraints to face the challenges of life while teaching in Qatar seemed to him the golden opportunity for achieving wherewithal. Apart from that, he dreamt of mingling with natives of Arabian Peninsula, migratory tribes and foreigners living in Doha, a cosmopolitan city and also the capital of Qatar. But unfortunately he began to face various obstacles while living in Qatar due to dirty politics of Bangladeshi diaspora living there. The novel mentioned that teachers in his native country are almost uncared and neglected while teachers working in foreign countries are highly respected in terms of salary and status. But it proved wrong in his case and he returned home and found peace in his motherland, the beautiful Bangladesh.

The author Shahazada Basunia has already published a good number of books, both in English and Bengali. He is now serving a private commercial bank. Earlier he taught English in various colleges and institutions.

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