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Unusual price hike before Ramadan

| Updated: October 24, 2017 08:08:09

Unusual price hike before Ramadan

THE holy month of Ramadan is yet to arrive, but prices of many kitchen items have already started shooting up. We have doubts if the concerned authorities of the government are monitoring the markets closely.

Otherwise how could some unscrupulous traders increase the prices of items like onion, sugar, edible oil, chickpeas etc.? Price of oil has gone up by Tk 15 per litre, lentil by Tk15 to 25 and chickpeas by Tk 35.

According to government account, there is no stock crisis in the market, but still prices are going up without any apparent reason, creating huge sufferings for the common people.

Since there is a big gap between the prices of international and domestic markets, it is evident that the price hike of certain items is purely artificial.

To combat the ill motives of dishonest traders, the government should step its vigilance of the market alongside taking measures like open market sale of the items in question to minimize the sufferings of the common people.

According to Islam, Ramadan is a month of self-sacrifice and self-restraint. But what we see in reality is just the reverse. A section of people taking advantage of increased demand for some items, manipulates the market  by creating an artificial crisis and pushing the prices up.

The greed of these dishonest traders has no moral or religious values and they have been making windfall gains at the expense of the innocent people over the years. They are devoid of moral or religious values. Everybody should resist them.

We hope the commerce ministry will take stern action against these hoarders and keep prices of essentials under control throughout the year.

Sojol Chowdhury
Badda, Dhaka

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