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Use of harmful chemicals in dried fish

| Updated: October 18, 2017 00:20:48

Use of harmful chemicals in dried fish
DRIED fish, popularly known as 'Shutki', is a very favourite item among all categories of people. But the method of drying the fish leaves a lot to be desired and often causes serious health problems. Most of the dry fish producers resort to unhealthy practices in preserving the fish and use harmful chemicals to quicken the drying process. I know many people who would love to have dried fish, but refrain from taking the same for fear of adulteration though harmful chemicals. Dried fish is also very popular among Bangladeshis living abroad and the exporters engaged in exporting dried fish abroad earn quite a sizeable profit every year. A group of unscrupulous traders have been pursuing this unethical business over the decades and causing harmful effects on public health. I urge the concerned authorities to bring these dishonest businessmen to justice and award them the punishment they deserve. These businessmen can not and should not be allowed to continue their criminal activities any more. There are healthy and scientific ways of drying fish and fruits and the businessmen involved should be made to use those methods if they want to supply dried fish to the market. As consumers we should also conduct awareness campaigns so that the common get to know about the deadly effects of this as well as other adulterated foods in the country.
Rahmatullah Sumon
Middle Badda, Dhaka

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