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Coffee habits: What type Bangladesh people consume and why?

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Be it an all-nighter before an exam, or a morning boost for daily grind, everyone falls in certain situation where s/he just needs that cup of coffee to push throughout the day. Coffee has been a popular choice of hot beverage among people of generations for decades. With modernisation and industrialisation, Bangladesh is also witnessing a growing coffee culture.

It's not, however, just about its luxurious flavour and aroma; the high caffeine boost is a part of the experience as well. Giving the brain and body a spur to keep up with the whirlwind of toilsome life with every sip, coffee has its own fanbase.


Coffee Consumption (Total) rose 50.0 per cent to 3.00 kt in Bangladesh in 2017

Source:  https://www.helgilibrary.com/


Bangladesh has been ranked 111th within the group of 140 countries in terms of aggregate coffee consumption, 20 places above the position the country was placed in 10 years ago. Coffee has natural psychoactive components in it. So it does not just keep one awake, it also increases ones focus and energy effectively. A lot of people like consuming coffee in general regardless of any specific reasons.

There are different kinds of coffee that are consumed on a daily basis in Bangladesh. Some of the popular ones are Milk Coffee, Black Coffee, Espresso, Latte, Americano, Cappuccino, Mocha and even Instant Coffee. In the list, Black Coffee is the most undiluted form of caffeine with no milk or froth to mellow down its effect. It will energise and keep one wide awake easily for 5-6 hours, before, unfortunately, hurtling one into what is known as the "crash". This is the part where one loses all the boosts at once and feels the exhaustion catching up to him. With a similar flavour to black coffee, the americano consists of an espresso shot diluted in hot water.

When it comes to other forms of coffee, they contain milk and cream more or less. The latte is comprised of a shot of espresso and steamed milk with just a touch of foam. Cappuccino is a latte made with more foam than steamed milk, often with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon on top. Milk is often alternated with cream. The Mocha is a chocolate espresso drink with steamed milk and foam for all the chocolate lovers out there. In Bangladesh, people like hosting business meetings or meeting up with friends at coffee restaurants and outlets. North End, Crimson Cup, Second Cup Coffee, Coffee World etc are some of the most popular places for coffee lovers in Bangladesh and they have several branches and outlets spread across the city.

The scribe reached out to different coffee drinkers and caffeine consumers and went on to find out their coffee habits. Shafayet Ul Islam Rakin, a second-year student at Dhaka University, mostly consumes black coffee, especially when he has to work through an all-nighter. “I make it stronger than usual. Even though the same can be done with milk coffee, personally it feels like black coffee pumps me up better. The bitter taste of it makes my subconscious think of it as a stronger caffeine source," he says.

Mubasshir Tahmid, a fitness Vlogger and a student at Finance in Bangladesh University of Professionals, says, “My priorities are completing my academics before the deadline as well staying fit. This is why I consume Cold brew which is a variant of black coffee. It is deemed to be better than hot black coffee to keep one awake, as well as easier on the stomach. For people trying to lose weight, it is the best choice of caffeine.”

Fahim Ahmed Chowdhury, a Marketing Executive of Robi 10 Minute School, consumes milk coffee regularly when he is at the office to raise his concentration. “If I am in a rush and don’t have enough time to make myself one, I like taking Instant Coffee. When I am out with friends, I prefer intaking Cappuccino, Latte or even an Americano,” says Fahim. He also consumes Black Coffee. “It‘s my go-to coffee whenever I want to stay up all night to finish work.”

Fateen Farhan, the CEO of TRANSport which works for the underprivileged through hermaphrodites, says that he likes to go for black coffee for its health benefits like boosting memory, decreasing diabetes risk and keeping the liver healthy. “As excessive consumption of it wouldn't be as healthy, I try to keep mine in check." adds Fateen.

Mohtasim Bin Habib, another student of IBA Dhaka University, says that it is Milk-coffee that he consumes to stay up for the long night grinds as opposed to black coffee. “I don’t like Black Coffee at all and also take power naps if necessary. That definitely gives the caffeine a better boost and doesn't make me all exhausted once the caffeine wears off," says Mohtasim.

Studies show that a dose of caffeine followed by just a 15-minute nap can do wonders to someone for the rest of the day (or night).

While black coffee brims with healthy aspects, it is not as healthy for the stomach due to its high pH level which causes acidity. Milk in coffee helps with acid reflux. Milk coffee also seems to tire out its drinker less than black coffee does after the crash. It is found that black coffee puts people in a good mood even in the midst of sleep deprivation. But some people feel anxious or jittery after having it due to the rush of adrenaline that black coffee causes in one's body. Especially people with high blood pressure experience such jitters.

Finally, it all depends on how your tastebuds like your cuppa coffee. For those who do not have much time to make their own coffee or always on a run, instant coffees are sold at different local and super shops and are a much more convenient option.

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