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World Environmental Day, 2022

Let's reduce our individual carbon footprints

| Updated: June 10, 2022 21:20:40

Let's reduce our individual carbon footprints

Modern-day life comes at the cost of destroying nature, our one and only earth. We all know that the only place in the universe we call home is at risk due to our reckless exploitation. We researched, gained knowledge, discussed the dangers in thousands of international forums, and promised a lot, but then, we didn't do much to save the earth from the impending dangers.

We have fondly coined the phrase "all nation-states and business entities must reduce carbon footprints". But we have an impulsive attitude towards our own individual consumption, despite talking about reducing carbon emissions. We - all of us - are pursuing happiness by owning different types of goods and products.

We also find it difficult not to believe the product ads companies put out every day. Gullible as we are, we easily believe when a company claims their products as environment-friendly.

It is a bright idea to think about what we are buying before we let ourselves be influenced by these commercials. Let us watch these commercials to find out the carbon footprint of these products.

Every one of us is responsible for the carbon emissions we want to stop for our children's future. The nation-state leaders are locked in an unwinnable race to acquire wealth and remain one over the other.

Living the way we do is unsustainable. Only creating comfort and enhancing purchasing power by destroying the earth cannot be an achievement of the human race. By now we know that our leaders will not do anything to address the environmental problems across the globe. It is now up to us, the people, and the individuals, to think about how we can reduce our own contribution to carbon emissions.

We all have heard about carbon neutrality, but many of us do not know what it is or how to reduce our carbon footprint. There are many ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and make it carbon-neutral. Let us first determine our carbon footprint. Which products have caused the most damage to the earth?

Then let us identify the areas that require improvement. It is not difficult to see the whole picture. We can ask questions about ourselves and our lives. We can list how much waste we produce and what can be recycled or reused. Our carbon footprint can be reduced by driving less and reducing our energy consumption. Our diet can also impact our carbon footprint. We can reduce our carbon footprint by eating less energy-intensive food.

In order to reduce our carbon footprints, we can also buy less. This is not to suggest we should not buy something when we need it, but to encourage not to buy anything extra when we have enough. For example, when someone has seven shirts and trousers, buying more would add to that person's carbon footprint.

We can also use renewable energy and live a minimalist life. Although it may seem absurd to ask someone to be a minimalist these days, but we must become environmental radicals if we want to save our planet. Although it is hard for wealthier people to resist the temptation of consumerism, they can choose products or services that leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Today, many people know that renewable energy can offset carbon emissions. Although many people have begun to shift towards renewable energy, the numbers are still insufficient. Alternative energy is essential to reduce fossil-fuel consumption and improve the environment.

Carbon offsets can be bought now to make us carbon-neutral. These buys can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by supporting projects that plant trees, preserve wildlife, and prevent future emissions. These offsets can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by supporting schemes to prevent deforestation and build solar or wind farms. Let us pause for a moment and think about what type of offset we would like to buy. Many companies offer offsets that have different levels of transparency.

Reduced travel costs can help reduce carbon emissions. Intercity rail and bus travels are cheaper than long-distance flights. Both modes emit less carbon per passenger mile than flying. To reduce our energy consumption, we can combine several trips. While we may still require a car, purchasing a more fuel-efficient vehicle is worth considering.

There are thousand other ways to reduce carbon emissions from our daily life. We just need to think about them and find out how. Find out we must and try following them, and try saving the planet from our own overuse.

Ekram Kabir is a storyteller and a communications professional.

[email protected]

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