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Men's fashion guide for rainy season

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Looking fashionable and maintaining trends is gender neutral. Men equally follow fashion trends. We have a good number of male influencers these days, lightning up your social media feeds. Instagram tops the list in this case. We follow the influencers’ lifestyles and emulate their dressing sense to look trendy.

This writer talked to the famous content creator, comedian, actor, and social media influencer, Mr Rakin Absar, who shared his fashion ideas for this monsoon.

Comfort comes first

''We need to feel comfortable whatever we wear. Our outfit choice should match our comfort zone. Looking fashionable and following Instagram trends come next. My outfits are mostly my personal preference. Sometimes I pick fashion ideas from Hollywood trends.”

“As a public figure, I try to look unique through my outfit choices. Interest plays a great role in making my outfit fashionable. I love to wear customised outfits which can satisfy my personal preferences,” Rakin added.

Customising outfits can give us a unique look. And as a comedian, Rakin thinks he needs to look different in every role.

“I prefer customising my outfits for each new character in my video. Also, I ensure the proper fitting of my outfit. If I buy any shirt, I try to make it fit according to my size for a better appearance.''

Keep in mind, the mood of the weather

For the rainy season when the weather changes abruptly and roads become muddy and slippery in a flash, we need to wear clothes that are easy to wash and can dry faster. Choose proper pants and shoes if you need to walk on a muddy road.

''Although I walk on muddy roads barely, I recommend wearing light-coloured clothes this season when you go through all the heat and rain. Colours like light blue, light purple, light green, etc are good choices. Cotton or silk fabrics can be good to go. These fabrics dry quicker than others.”

For any informal outing, Rakin recommends wearing folded jeans or shorts and avoiding white colour shoes as we don't have proper clear roads.

“Slippers can be a good option as they are easy to clean. For an office look, we need to maintain the dress code. You must wear comfortable outfits according to your office rules. You can also have a fashionable look if you have a good sense of colour combination,'' Mr Rakin Absar added.

On the other hand, an umbrella or a raincoat is a must-have for this season. Rakin prefers to carry an umbrella. He also wills to match the umbrella colour with his outfit. It gives an extra spice to his appearance. ''I prefer carrying white or deep-coloured umbrellas like black and brown for getting a trendy vibe,'' he shared.

Watch and glass completes the look

Watch is also a necessary accessory. Leather, steel, band, and apple watch are most popular in this regard. You must carry a waterproof watch if you are out in the rain. ''I prefer to match the colour of the watch belt, leather shoe, and pant belt for any formal look. If I am wearing a dark brown shoe, I also match it with a dark brown wallet and pant belt,'' Rakin added.

Go for some stunning sunglasses. Black sunglasses can give you a trendy look and protection from the UV rays. If you need a power glass, you can have a customised one for a unique look. Rakin Absar mostly wears customised glasses to look different and fashionable. Use a glass wiper fabric to wipe the rainwater easily from your glass.

Body hygiene with hairstyle

Hairstyles are also hard to maintain as a sudden gutsy wind can change everything. You can use a good hair gel to set your hair. If possible, can carry a small packaging for a touch-up anywhere.

Don't forget to maintain your body hygiene. It can help to look stunning. When you get wet in the rain, try to have a shower as soon as possible. You can use an antiseptic solution in your bathing water to avoid germs and infections. Also, try to use anti-fungal powders on your body after a bath. Use a good moisturiser and sunscreen suitable to your skin type.

As your feet struggle the most with all the rain and mud, take care of them in a proper way. Try to avoid closed shoes this season for air ventilation. Apply a suitable foot cream at night after making your feet free from germs.

Lastly, maintain a healthy diet for strong immunity. This season can make you ill easily. Take healthy food choices that are enriched with vitamins and minerals. Inner beauty can help to look beautiful from the outside.

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