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Waste management by DCC South

| Updated: October 23, 2017 13:52:18

Waste management by DCC South
MANAGING waste has been a nagging issue for the authority of DCC South. There are only 322 containers and the number is grossly inadequate in view of a huge amount of daily waste. I feel, the authority should install 150 secondary transmission stations immediately for managing waste.  Although about 2000 waste bins have been installed at different points, the citizens cannot enjoy the benefits because most of them are stolen and rest remain unused due to lack of maintenance and management.
The mayor of DCC South announced the year 2016 as "The year of cleanness" but the reality speaks otherwise. More than half the year has passed by, but there is yet to be any notable progress in that direction. The commitment of the mayor remains unfulfilled. Instead, DCC North builds 72 secondary transmission stations. The mayor of DCC South has mentioned some problems on his way to fulfilling his commitment, lack of space being one of them. Waste management process is difficult at old Dhaka with lack of space and dense population.
DCC South should fix some places to dump daily household waste and dispose off the waste twice daily regularly. It should also maintain the bins placed on the road sides. These bins should be cleaned on daily basis. Further, it should also take some steps for disposal of industrial and medical waste. Recent trending technology of waste management should be adopted and necessary manpower recruited to keep the city clean.
Md. Naeem Ahmed
Department of Business Administration
East West University, Dhaka

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