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Whither student politics

Published: August 19, 2017 08:22:45 | Updated: October 23, 2017 03:02:37

Whither student politics

THE STUDENT life is the most important part of a person's life as it is the time for acquiring education and knowledge. Since we are now living in a global village, our youths shall have to cope with competition on the world stage. In today's world, competition is not at the national level but at international level. 

Student politics of Bangladesh has a glorious past and has always played the lead role in every mass movement in the country. But today we have moved away by miles from our glorious past. Some unscrupulous leaders are using our youths to achieve their sinister motives. Before independence, brilliant students used to lead student bodies, but now bright and brilliant students prefer to stay away from student politics. This is an irreparable loss for the nation. Time has come to think about student politics again as we have to make our politics clean and a playfield for the honest, dedicated, good natured and educated people. We should remember that "it is in our moment of decision that our destiny is shaped".


Mirpur, Dhaka

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