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12 Britons accused of smuggling drugs into Majorca

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Police in Spain have arrested 12 Britons - mainly from Manchester and Liverpool - and seized three kilos of cocaine worth around £150,000 after a series of dawn raids in Magaluf.



Most of the arrests were made around Magaluf’s notorious party strip Punta Ballena.



Police revealed they seized three kilos of cocaine worth around £150,000 following a series of dawn raids in Magaluf.



They've also seized other drugs including ecstasy, four vehicles and nearly £100,000 in cash as part of Operation Tatum.



Suspects were also held in the Majorcan capital Palma and Barcelona on mainland Spain.



The gang allegedly used speedboats to ferry drugs between Barcelona and Magaluf.



The dozen British suspects and two others have not been named although most are believed to be from Manchester and Liverpool.



Around two kilos of cocaine were found in the boot of a car parked in a garage in Palma and more of the class-A drug was found inside a shoebox.



Operation Tatum was linked to a major drugs bust last summer in Majorca called Operation Daju, which resulted in the arrest of five Brits and seizure of 4.8 kilos of cocaine.



Confirming 12 Brits were among the 14 arrested, who also include a Spaniard and a man from the Dominican Republic, the force added: “Officers from Britain’s National Crime Agency have cooperated with the Civil Guard to detain the members of this organisation,” according to media reports.

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