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24 killed, 35 injured after bus plunges into ravine in Peru

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At least 24 people have been killed in a passenger bus accident in Peru, according to the company operating the vehicle.

A representative for the company Molina Union, Scarlet Bueno, told Reuters that at least 24 people had died but did not give further details.

Peru's transportation supervisory agency (SUTRAN) confirmed the crash occurred on Monday morning in a statement, without providing a number of fatalities or injuries.

SUTRAN said the bus was travelling from Ayacucho to the city of Huancayo, reports AP.

Local media outlets reported the accident occurred at 1.30am although neither the police nor the bus company confirmed the time of the accident.

Manuel Zevallos, mayor of the Anco district where the accident occurred, said earlier on Monday that at least 20 people died and 20 were injured, according to the media outlet RPP.

SUTRAN said early investigations showed the bus appeared to have an up-to-date safety inspection and accident insurance.

Accidents are relatively common along Peru's precarious roads, with at least 24 people dying in January when a bus plunged off a cliff in the country's north.

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