Five Colombian indigenous guards killed, military says

Published: October 30, 2019 14:26:07 | Updated: November 02, 2019 11:40:42

Photo collected from internet has been used for representational purpose

Five Colombian indigenous guards, tasked with protecting the country’s tribal reservations, were killed in a confrontation, possibly with dissident rebel fighters on Tuesday, the military said.

The attack on the guards by “presumed members of a residual organised armed group” - a phrase used by the military to refer to former members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels who refused to demobilise under a 2016 peace deal - took place in Tacueyo, in southwestern Cauca province.

The armed group attacked to free three group members captured by the guards, the military said in a statement. Six other people were injured, Reuters reported.

Troops have been moved to the area, it added.

Indigenous communities are frequent victims of violence by armed groups in the Andean country, as rebels and crime gangs seek to control lucrative drug trafficking and illegal mining territory.

The National Indigenous Organization of Colombia decried the attack on Twitter, asking “when will the massacre end?”

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