CPC issues revised regulations on Party rules

Xinhua | Published: September 15, 2019 20:28:32 | Updated: September 21, 2019 20:38:39

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee has issued a set of revised and newly drafted regulations on the Party's rules and normative documents.

The regulations include revised versions of the regulation on formulating Party rules and the regulation on putting on record and examining Party rules and normative documents, as well as a newly drafted regulation on accountability of the implementation of Party rules.

It also issued a circular, which was published on Sunday, on the implementation of the regulations, asking CPC organisations at all levels to uphold the fundamental role of the Party Constitution.

The circular urged the CPC organisations to promote strict and rule-based governance over the Party and do a good job in the building of Party rules and regulations within their own lines of duty.

The above-mentioned three regulations along with other documents on Party regulations released in recent years have formed a complete chain of norms governing the work on Party rules, according to the General Office of the CPC Central Committee.

They will give a great boost to the improvement of the system of the Party regulations, the office said.

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