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HK rioters inflict brutal assault on commoners

Global Times | Published: October 07, 2019 17:40:07

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Rioters have continued assaulting ordinary Hong Kong residents who hold different political views or oppose their illegal acts as the hit-and-run mob reached a new height of lawlessness.

After the newly enacted anti-mask law took effect on Saturday, masked rioters scattered in different districts of Hong Kong including Mong Kok, Sham Shui Po, Central, and Admiralty. The law, which forbids rioters from wearing masks in illegal assemblies, has had a deterrent effect in quelling the violence.

However, small groups of rioters, adhering to hit-and-run strategies, are now targeting ordinary citizens who resent their actions.

A taxi driver in red shirt tried to cross the barricades that were used by black-clad rioters to block the road at Sham Shui Po on Sunday afternoon; however, he was besieged by a mob, followed by a brutal assault by pinning him to the ground. Videos circulating online showed his gory face.

Rioters, by ignoring police warning against illegal gatherings, occupied major roads depriving the public of free movement. The taxi driver, an elderly man, who tried to pass through, was roughed-up by illegal protesters. The masked rioters continued to assault him and went on to smash his vehicle.

Rioters are using long bamboo poles that are often used in construction and renovation work as barricades, which seriously jeopardized public safety.

Beating ordinary people who do not agree with rioters has become a common sight amid illegal demonstrations. The Global Times reporters witnessed that if passerby holds different views or gets into a spat with protesters, he may end up being brutally thrashed.

On Saturday night, rioters also assaulted a man in a grey shirt who was involved in a verbal spat with rioters. Besides, on Friday a group of rioters attacked a JP Morgan employee in Central after he said, "We're all Chinese."

"They have reached a new height of lawlessness," said a local resident who only gave his name as Allan.

A TVB actress Celine Ma was assaulted by rioters after she captured videos of them, smashing a Bank of China ATM outlet. "They rushed to hit me and snatched my phone," she said, as her mouth bled, revealed video footage.


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