Kuwait to adopt asphalt tech to pave road

Published: November 18, 2019 13:13:37 | Updated: November 18, 2019 19:37:42

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Kuwait has developed a new rubber asphalt technology to create a new form of road paving material, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) has said.

Suad Al-Bahar, representative of the research body said on Sunday that the research deals with the use of hot paving grade asphalt cement to improve road durability, reports Xinhua.

It is an environmental initiative of Kuwait, she noted, saying that it will be instrumental in averting various forms of infrastructure damage, which has an adverse effect on road safety.

The road pavement materials were found to meet quality standards through rigorous laboratory testing, Salah Zarab, a scientific advisor of KISR, said.

The new technology has been applied on a makeshift road of 3,550 meters, he added.

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