Over 1,100 cadets graduate from Afghan special forces' training school

Xinhua | Published: January 14, 2020 18:53:45

A total of 1,123 new cadets graduated from a commando school and joined the Afghan national army, the Afghan Ministry of Defense said on Tuesday.

"Up to 1,123 commando forces completed their training at commando school in Afghan National Army Special Operations Corps in Kabul on Monday," the ministry said in a statement.

The fresh graduates had received professional certificates and joined the country's Special Operations Forces, the statement added.

The latest graduation came as Afghan security forces have intensified security operations against Taliban militants, who have been attempting to take territory and consolidate their positions in the countryside ahead of winter.

The Afghan security forces remain in control of most of Afghanistan's population centers and all of 34 provincial capitals, but Taliban insurgents hold large portions of rural areas, staging coordinated large-scale attacks against Afghan cities and districts occasionally.

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