Seven kgs of plastic waste found in dead deer's stomach in Thailand

Xinhua | Published: November 28, 2019 16:22:11 | Updated: November 29, 2019 11:35:24

Officials from northern Thailand's Khun Sathan National Park examining a dead wild deer whose stomach is filled with plastic waste and a piece of underwear. (Credit: Thailand's Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation)

A national park in Northern Thailand on Tuesday posted on its social media page images of stomach of a dead wild deer filled with plastic waste and a piece of underwear.

Officials from the Khun Sathan National Park in northern Nan province, said that an autopsy on the deer found seven kilograms of plastic waste and underwear in its rumen.

The waste included numerous coffee and instant noodle packets, plastic bags, rubber gloves, handkerchiefs, underwear and plastic rope.

The national park officials said they believed that the adult deer which weighed about 200 kilograms, died several days ago.

Park rangers assumed that the deer died of intestinal congestion and old age.

In August, Thailand's Internet star dugong named Marium died from an infection after pieces of plastic were found in her intestine.

In June last year, 80 pieces of plastic rubbish weighing about eight kilograms were found in the stomach of a whale that died in Thailand after a five-day effort to save it.

Thailand is a major user of plastic bags and the government in September this year rolled out a "no plastic bag" policy where large retailers, plastic manufacturers and department stores will cease to hand out single-use plastic bags to customers, starting January 1 next year nationwide.

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