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Canada adopts motion declaring Myanmar’s treatment of Rohingya as genocide

| Updated: September 22, 2018 18:34:40

Canada adopts motion declaring Myanmar’s treatment of Rohingya as genocide

Canada's Parliament has unanimously adopted a motion declaring crimes committed against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar to be genocide.

The motion Thursday also endorsed the findings of a United Nations mission that outlined how crimes against humanity have been committed by the Myanmar military against Rohingya and other minorities, reports AP.

In Washington, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland praised members of Parliament for passing the motion to recognise "this atrocity."

Human rights observers called the declaration as a significant milestone.

Over 700,000 Rohingya crossed into Bangladesh after a brutal counter-insurgency campaign by Myanmar security forces.

The UN report alleged widespread rights violations, including rape, murder, torture and the burning of Rohingya homes and villages.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who is scheduled to reach New York on Sunday, will place fresh specific proposals at the 73rd UN General Assembly seeking a stronger role from the international community so that Myanmar acts promptly and takes Rohingyas back.

"She (PM) will place some specific proposals in continuation of her previous five-point proposal," Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali told a press conference at his ministry on Thursday.

He said the government wants to see safe, sustainable and dignified return of Rohingyas and is working in a peaceful manner. "The international community is beside us."

During the 72nd UNGA session, Prime Minister Hasina placed a five-point specific proposal to ensure the sustainable return of all the Rohingyas now in Bangladesh to Myanmar which was appreciated by the international community.


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