Britain records warmest February since 1910

Published: March 02, 2019 14:20:15 | Updated: March 03, 2019 19:02:46

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February's daily maximum temperatures in Britain have been the highest in records dating back to 1910, Britain's national weather service said Friday.

The highest maximum temperature was in England at 10.9 degrees Celsius and the lowest maximum temperature in Scotland at 8.5 degrees Celsius, the Meteorological Office (Met Office) said.

The maximum average temperature in Britain was 10.0 degrees Celsius, slightly higher than the 9.8 degrees Celsius recorded in 1998, it said.

The mean temperature in February, however, was 6.0 degrees Celsius, lower than the 6.8 degrees Celsius in February in 1998, according to the provisional statistics at the end of the month from Met.

"Despite starting with snow and freezing temperatures, the month ended with the UK as a whole and England, Scotland and Wales all recording the warmest February day as well as the warmest winter day," the Met said.

A temperature of 21.2 degrees Celsius was recorded in Kew Gardens in London on Feb. 26, a record high in February in Britain, reports Xinhua.

Meanwhile, 18.3 degrees Celsius was recorded at Aboyne in Abderdeenshire on Feb. 21, a new February record in Scotland.

On Feb. 26, 20.8 degrees Celsius was recorded in Porthmadog, Gywnedd, a new record high in February in Welsh.

The month was provisionally the second sunniest February on record for Britain as a whole and also for Wales. England narrowly beat 2008 to record its sunniest February in records dating back to 1929.

Met said that the latter part of February had a spring-like feel to it.

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